Easy Lace Silicone Flat Slip On Shoe Laces for School - Kids



SMART Laces - Never tie again!

These SMART Laces are perfect for children and adults with coordination challenges or Fine Motor Skills. They help remove one barrier to getting dressed of a morning before school or work.

The SMART Laces promote independence and easy dressing by being stretchy and replacing regular laces. Replacing the regular laces with SMART Laces turns any pair of shoes into slip on shoes making it much easier for people who struggle with tying laces to easily slip in and out of their shoes.

These stylish laces come in a range of colours that can make any pair of shoes look smart. The colours can be one tone bright and muted or a multicolour rainbow with endless combinations. With an easy set up these laces can last for years and can always be adjusted to make the shoes tighter or loser for anyone who’s feet may still be growing. SMART Laces are durable and suitable on multiple terrains like damp grass, gritty gravel, rocky paths among others. Independence is important to children and elderly people, keeping that in mind we wanted the SMART Laces to make putting shoes on as easy as possible to make it possible for children with or without SEN to be able to put their shoes on themselves. They can also help elderly people who may struggle with movement and flexibility to make it possible to get their shoes on without assistance.


Colour: Black

Style: Flat

Pack Size: Adults

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