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Why Should Uniform7 Sell Your School Uniform? 

Uniform7 is an innovative school uniform service based online supplying schools in Essex. Driven by high standards and great customer care built with 18 years industry experience. Established in 2016, we have already won Best New Business at the Barking and Dagenham Chamber of Commerce Awards 2017 and the Thames Gateway Business Awards 2017 covering all of east London!

We deliver a service to meet your schools requirements no matter how big or small. There are various ways for schools to promote their uniform, many schools prefer parents to purchase school uniform from a retailer specialising in their specific requirements. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service that can be tailored to meet the needs of every school we supply.

We are officially associated with the Princes Trust and will continue to work closely with them to develop this unique school wear service


Department Of Education Guidelines To Schools

We would like to draw your attention to guidance relating to best practice on developing a school uniform policy.  The department strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and settling an appropriate tone.

When selecting a uniform and a supplier for your school wear, it is recommended that:

  • Governing bodies should give highest priority to the consideration of cost and value for money for parents.
  • Governing bodies are expected to demonstrate transparency and best value for money when appointing suppliers.
  • The governing body should be able to demonstrate how best value has been achieved and keep the cost of supplying the uniform under review.
  • The school uniform should be easily available for parents to purchase.
  • Schools should not enter any cash back arrangements with schoolwear suppliers.
  • Exclusive single supplier contracts should be avoided unless regular tendering competitions are run where more than one supplier can compete for the contract and where best value for parents is secured.



Direct To School Service:

Other schools prefer to keep uniform sales in-house. Uniform7 we offer a direct to school service. We are able to source uniform from a wide range of suppliers enabling us to meet the requirements of almost any school. We can provide customised uniforms embroidered or printed with their official logo for schools, colleges, businesses and organisations on a wholesale basis. We offer very competitive Direct to School prices, and we make every effort to have a very quick turn-around on all orders placed. With our experience of uniform sales we can also help with forecasting and sizing of uniform, enabling a minimum stock to be held on site. Some schools choose to maintain uniform supply in-house for the purpose of generating funds and in order to control the price of the uniform.

To find out more about what we can offer your school give us a call today on 0208 924 8647 or email us at and we will be more than happy to talk through your requirements or book an appointment to meet in person.


Benefits to the School:

  • The school will gain back valuable storage space and staff can focus on their primary roles rather than stock control or sales.
  • It removes the stress and strain from your school of needing to organize ordering, funding and fulfilling sales as well as taking away the burden of needing to deal with suppliers and deliveries.
  • We can sell your stock for you at a agreed fee depending on the volume.
  • We have good relationships with all of the major school wear suppliers so we can make any transition to us a simple, easy and stress free as possible.
  • We are always on hand to offer our experience and advice with any changes you wish to implement to the image of your uniform and/or logo.
  • We always try to assist our schools with their fundraising efforts with raffle donations and taking part in competitions etc.
  • We are available and strongly recommend on-site sales if required and conduct a number of these every year.
  • We are also able to help with the procurement of one off items such as t-shirts for trips or team kits.
  • We offer provisions to support pupil premium purchases.

Benefits to Parents:

  • Parents can purchase uniform online via the website, social media or by phone.
  • We offer high-quality uniform at competitive prices, and our staff are experienced and knowledgeable to assist parents with purchases.
  • We have recently introduced a shipping service that gets orders our straight away.
  • Our experienced sales staff will guide parents through the uniform list ensuring that only the correct uniform is purchased for their school.
  • We also offer a free delivery service schools during term time on a regular basis.
  • We maintain stocks of your uniform all year round, to ensure constant availability.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Dorothy Barley Infant School has been using Uniform 7 since September 2016 and as a school that has always stocked and sold their own uniform going with Uniform 7 is the best choice we could have made, no more finding room to store the uniform in school, Uniform 7 does it all for us, we have found their service to be excellent with a well-advertised website which makes our parents happy and Rachael goes above and beyond to meet whatever requirements we have asked of her. We would recommend Uniform 7 to anybody thinking of changing suppliers."

Susan Boxall, Dorothy Barley Infant School